11. Intangible assets
2016 2015
Opening balance, cumulative acq cost 95.1 94.4
Translation differences -2.5 1.4
Additions 0.9 0.9
Additions, business acquisitions - 0.1
Disposals -0.0 -2.3
Reclassification between items 0.4 0.5
Closing balance, cumulative acq cost 94.0 95.1
Opening balance, cumulative depreciations -26.1 -25.6
Translation differences 0.2 -0.1
Accumulated depreciation on disposals and reclassifications 0.0 2.2
Depreciation for the financial period -2.1 -2.6
Closing balance, cumulative depreciations -28.0 -26.1
Intangible assets on 31 Dec. 66.0 69.1
The trademarks included in the Swedish business operations, carrying amount EUR 57.1 (59.4) million, are tested for impairment each year. The Group has estimated that their useful life is unlimited. These are well known trademarks with long history and high business and profitability impact and it is expected to be so also in the future. Impairment test is made on segment level and it covers all segment’s assets, see detailed description in note 12. Remaining balance includes IT-software, other trademarks and connection fees.