Social responsibility

At HKScan, social responsibility covers  product-related issues such as quality, safety and health, as well as the wellbeing of our personnel and responsible sourcing.

High-quality, healthy and safe products are the foundation of our business. We promote responsible business practices and adhere to the highest food safety standards in our production. In addition to our dedication to product safety, we are committed to constantly improving the quality and taste of our products, and listen closely to consumer preferences in doing so.

We look after our employees by maintaining a good work atmosphere, offering occupational health services, as well as by emphasizing equality and diversity. We believe that consistent leadership and competence development paired with a supportive work culture encourage our employees to excellent performance. In 2016, the Group paid special attention to workplace safety. Focusing on preventive action, the personnel were encouraged to make safety observations and share their findings to help reduce the incidence of workplace accidents. 

HKScan’s responsibility efforts cover the entire supply chain, and we aim to uphold high standards of transparency and sustainability at each stage of the chain. A well-managed supply chain ensures smooth and streamlined collaboration, all the way from the purchasing of raw materials and services until consumers’ shopping carts.

HKScan engages with society and local communities by taking part in initiatives and decision-making at various levels, from co-operating with the communities immediately surrounding our production facilities to wider Group-level initiatives. In 2016, for example, HKScan Finland participated in an initiative distributing usable food products to the needy. In Sweden, HKScan took part – now for the second year in a row – in a project donating leftover food to a local charity.

As part of its social responsibility efforts, HKScan also provided work to refugees in Denmark. Access to employment is one of the most important steps helping asylum-seekers integrate in a new society. The three-month training period included Danish language studies as well as courses provided by HKScan. The company is also a significant provider of seasonal job opportunities, and in 2016, the company employed around 1 400 summer workers.